Proton USA Corp provide water and wastewater systems for municipal and industrial customers. We also offer a wide variety in equipment such as Reverse Osmosis, cooling towers, filter presses, static and rotary screens, DAF, Primary Separators, aeration systems, Fine and coarse bubble diffusers, aerators, Blowers, compact sewage treatment plants, Primary and secondary clarifiers mechanisms, multimedia filters, softeners, deionization units and dryers.

Our company offers the engineering required to solve out your pollution problems with the best performance and the lowest investment and operation cost.


COOLING TOWERS (acrobat™ required)

We offer our counter current cooling towers for industrial and air-conditioned applications. Towers are made with case in FRP ( fiber glass), fill in PVC, drift eliminator in PVC, Nozzles in Polypropylene and fans with blades in fiber glass with hub in carbon steel/304 SS or cast iron. Towers are modular with a very good performance. Fill is offered multi-cellular or splash bar according with water characteristics




Industrial wastewater treatment systems


We design our treatment systems according to your necessities, depending the type of pollutants present in water and flow capacity. System can include primary, secondary and/or tertiary treatment depending required regulations. Physics-chemical treatment is included as pre/post treatment using either DAF or lamella clarifiers as Separators. Activated sludge, extended aeration are offered as secondary treatment where is applicable.


Gravity/pressure multimedia filters are used as tertiary treatment as well as sludge dewatering systems using filter presses is included in our projects. Let us Know your problem and we will provide you the best solution.

Sewage compact plants

Primary and secondary

Clarifier’s mechanisms

Static Screens

Filter presses

Tubular fine bubble diffusers


 Aeration Systems

9”and 12”fine bubble

disc diffusers.



We offer water treatment systems with physics-chemical treatment section (coagulation- flocculation) and clarification by lamella, Acelator or DAF separators, treating any type of raw water ( river or well). Multimedia filters, activated carbon filters, cartridge filters, bag filters, Softeners, De-ionizers, Reverse osmosis, UV are offered as post treatment. Seawater and brackish water Reverse osmosis systems are also available for municipal or institutional applications. For small flows we have available portable compact treatment plants.



Reverse Osmosis Systems

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